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Been a member for years. Never encountered anything malicious or illegal. I consider Dime a safe site.
There is nothing offensive to be found on this site when you're talking child safety. No dirty pictures, language or other content whatsoever. No reason to rate this any lower than excellent on Child safety. The other point is of course the torrent files being shared. These are meta files, no actual music files are hosted by the site itself. And the only music that is shared by users are recordings which have not been officially released, and are tolerated or even encouraged by the respective artists. Artists who don't allow their fans to share unofficial recordings can contact the webmasters who will remove the metafiles. So all in all, nothing illegal in any way going on here.
Jared GrayThu Jan 15 1970
Private Bit Torrent Music Torrent Trackers..
Great site for live music. Nothing illegal here despite what that idiot below wrote.
ottimo sito
illegal and malicious. Attention please
spacelord2019Fri Jan 16 1970
Friend used my computer and they accused us of being one person with 2 accounts. Try

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