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Disqus is a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and connects conversations across the web.

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Great way to collate comments made on websites (disqus is linked to over 20,00 blogs and comment sites) - collate your comments and manage in one place
quirkymandarinThu Jan 15 1970
Best ever commenting system. Even auto checks for SPAM comments using Akismet API.
Spyware service Like Google not like get Ghostery Ghostery blocked the Disqus comment form. Potentially Active Threats! During the last 7 days potentially active threats were detected on this site and a subdomain. (updated May 16, 2013 GMT)
WePushButtonsFri Jan 16 1970
Great commenting system that collates comments made across the blog sphere.
remontnoutbukovSat Jan 17 1970
Absolutely useless and annoying applet. I don't understand why some sites use this needless resource with annoing registration procedure that absolutely wont working with no reason sometimes, while we have a fully-functioning one-click facebook registration applet. oh, yeah, this DISGUS has a facebook registration, but requires an email and password, what a stupidity i cant wait this DISGUS became a bankrupt and close once and for all Идиотский ресурс абсолютно неудобный, не понимаю почему на некоторых сайтах ставят его апплет, который блджад работает только в половине случаев, требует дотошной процедуры регистрации, при том что существует фэсбук апплет, работающий безотказно и в два клика оха да, этот Дискас тоже имеет т.н. регистрацию через фейсбук, которая непонятно зачем требует адрес почты и пароль, вздор я жду не дождусь пока эта чёртова контора не обанкротится и не закроется раз и навсегда и перестанет наконец доставлять неудобства
Yes, it IS a good site - on the whole. But I have a huge problem that is centered at disqus. Somebody AT disqus, or through one of its people without their knowledge, has GAGGED me on every single comment field throughout the Web that is managed by disqus. I can't enter any text in the comment fields. I don't want to have to tell people about this, and I won't say that I blame the company. I wrote to one of their managers and received a thoughtful response, but it denied that any of their own people could possibly be doing this to me. Yet it IS being done, and only disqus-managed comment fields are involved. Unless someone can tell me about another possible source, I have to recognize that disqus' computers have somehow been used to keep me from commenting. I can't type in the fields, because somehow an image overlay has taken the place of the genuine field. So I can read comments and make NONE. It could be that, out of loyalty, the managers don't want to consider such things being done by their people. But somebody IS doing it, and whoever it is has access to the capability. This can only be done by someone with access to the company's computers. Maybe a relative of an employee - who knows? The point here is, even a company with a well-earned good reputation can end up causing harm to people. Even if it isn't being done via company policy or direction. Employees can do a lot of things behind their employers' backs, especially if they are driven by hate or an obsession. Or by fanaticism, which usually involves both. I don't know all the sites that use disqus for comments, but I DO know that neither nor allow me to post anything. This has gone on for months, and is not being dealt with. I can still give credit to disqus, as a company, and to at least most of their managers and employees, but it only takes one rotten apple, or an employee who somehow grants access to their computers to a friend or family member who IS a rotten apple. This gagging me has really burned my bacon. And in case you're wondering, I have NOT been barred for any violations of policy; I am always well-mannered when I comment, even if I am making an incisive point. Somebody connected, somehow, with disqus, does not like what I say, and has decided I must be silenced - then acted on it. It required a fairly high level of expertise. I HAD hoped that disqus would dig deep to investigate - and repair the damage done to me, but so far, nothing, and I have waited several months since contacting them. The gagging itself has gone on for about a year now. Enough is enough, already. I don't want to hurt the company, but neither will I keep silent about this any longer. Does anyone here know if I have ANY recourse? Any way of removing those image overlays? Or must I just live with someone having subtracted my right to free speech?
evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970
Good website used for different platforms of discussions/comments across the www.
ТэлинSat Jan 17 1970
Ненравится мне этот дискус, в одном месте у менч работает профиль, в другом нет, херня!
This site helps to comment in some other sites
Disqus is a commenting board and for the most part, an good, easy to use one. You can sign up here and comment on many sites without having to sign up to each one. There is one thing I don't like about this service and that is it can be configured to censor certain words, which many sites choose have chosen to do.

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