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DMI udfører, indsamler og bearbejder meteorologiske klimatologiske og oceanografiske målinger/iagttagelser samt udfører måling, indsamling og bearbejdning af andre beslægtede geofysiske parametre i hele Rigsfællesskabet.

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and childfriendly DMI is Denmark's meteorological institute. All weather warning comes to the Danes from here. DMI goes worldwide and report 24 hours about up coming weather changes in normal as well the extreme. Kids can use DMI as a learning tool using the sites several satellites, radar animations and more learning about Ozon layer , thundering and much more
mindblow39Thu Jan 15 1970
very good and continuously updated site from Denmark's meteorological institute. Delivers forecast for several regions of Denmark. Contains many background informations and actual reports and topics around the globe. Site has an English translation!
Per PedersenThu Jan 15 1970
Very good information, local, and global weather forecasts
amber_charlotteSat Jan 17 1970
Vejudsigter, vejrkort, langtidsprognoser på dansk og engelsk.

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