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Site takes you through a long process of adding a hundred different adware programs to your PC before you ever encounter the real thing. Adware scammers, totally. Don't know why they have all green. ...Oh, and by the way, Comodo detected "malicious content" when I downloaded this stuff.
Very deceitful website. Downloaded their free "virus/adware/malware-free" installer, declined all offers after carefully reading each and every screen, didn't even give the installer administrative permissions, and yet it _still_ managed to installed "Mysearchdial" addon to Firefox. Now having trouble removing this trojan. Completely unacceptable even to a very careful user to install software that is difficult to remove without end-user permission. I would suspect that children would not be able to properly interpret the questions and is very likely to install many adware/malware on the computer exposing the computer (and the child) to potentially far more dangerous software/explicit material.
Excelente colección de drivers!
doubts about this website
ryzynforceThu Jan 15 1970
Absolutely useless... All they will have you do is to constantly click everywhere to crap you will never need. and all anyone ever needs is a damn driver. Pure unadulterated GARBAGE!
I ordered one CD-ROM driver, via download (software), I received Firm Ware instead, which effects the drive itself, not its operation. Also, was unable to open the file. The whole thing felt like a scam.
Lorraine JoubertThu Jan 15 1970
I do think it is unethical , inconsiderate and cruel to have people click around (also to join first) on the site (at 11pm), and eventually when they get to the first of the 3 downloads that they are to download (these are supposed to be on my PC), only then I am told that I have to pay for the download - why not list the price right from the beginning???
burgundy58Fri Jan 16 1970
Total scam site. You'll end up with all sorts of adware and probably spyware. Avoid!
The downloaded executable had many adware software programs attached making it difficult to navigate to avoid installing any.

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