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good search engine with little to no spam results and 'Zero-click Info' feature that simply works®
I use this site everyday, Everybody Must use this site not google. BOYCOTT Google !!! They record all your search with your ip. And they sell your information to business company or worth to the government. J'utilise ce site tous les jours, Tout le monde devrait l'utiliser pluto que google. BOYCOTTER GOOGLE !!!! Il enregistre toutes vos recherches avec votre adresse ip en prime pour les revendre a des entreprise ou encore pire au gouvernement
TimboSliceFri Jan 16 1970 is a search engine that does not track and save your web browsing or store your searches like does. Also by default filters out any adult content such as, porn sites and other sites of that nature that will come up while searching certain topics
Pretty good search engine - it often gives me results more relevant than Google.
Very good search engine.
Great resource that is safe, secure and trusted
Basileus IFri Jan 16 1970
A very great search engine. It guarantees complete privacy of your searches, gets rid of advertisement spam, and gives you instant results (Almost certainly). I'm very glad Mywot shows reputation ratings on the search results now (If you check out the Mywot blog, they have the details on this change). Like all search engines, there are questionable sites in the search results, but who could stop that? Overall, I love the privacy and trustworthiness, the reliability is average, and child safety is questionable (Like all search engines).
A cool search engine.
TruthSayerThu Jan 15 1970
In order to do some special searches, yes, this is good
JanetParkerFri Jan 16 1970
Technical Safety: Clean interface (less clutter). No intrusive advertising. No tracking (better privacy). Content: Better search results (more relevant, less spam). No tracking = no profiling (the don't create a profile on you) = no targeted (filtered) search results = you're not trapped in a "filter bubble" (served only the results the search engine thinks you want to see).

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