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1. Do not register or pay for this service !!!! As a serious company you will be harassed for not providing as per them adequate company and not allowed to enter to correct missing company info before contacting their support. They behave very cold and arrogant when contacting support. 2. Even when new info is updated this procedure will be repeated. The excuse being you are not allowed according to their registration rules to be a business that has the name B2B in its company profile as this means you are competing with them. Which is not the case since B2B in plain english is an acronym for Business - to - business. Which is what most companies do. Apparently they only want to steer who exactly uses this site, i.e. maximise their profits by intimidating users. A few companies on the site have said they will no longer pay since their info is not provided to users as they want but only as the site provider wants. 3. As per their regulations your user info can be provided to third parties to send you spam and other scam emails. Which happened 24 hours after registering. 4. Very simply put they do not adhere to free trade rules or democratic processes. Beware that this site may not be really what it seems.
The site promotes and actively participates in the dissemination of malicious software. Website harmful and dangerous. Witryna promuje i czynnie uczestniczy w rozpowszechnianiu szkodliwego oprogramowania. Strona szkodliwa i niebezpieczna.
Support platform for Chinese fraudsters! Example:
Phishing/scam site
good site, it's worth to trust
Simple and impressive web page design, great visit experience for international biz. It is a Health, no Adult content website. I don't know why other people give negtive coments?
nancy1978912Sat Jan 17 1970
the site is easy to use. very useful indeed.
Kevin ZhengSat Jan 17 1970
Paid for mywot rating on this website:
Richard MahonySat Jan 17 1970
This is the website of Hangzhou Powersteed Electric Co., Ltd, a Chinese manufacturer of electric motors for sewing machines, viz: 'China Manufacturer with main products: Sewing Machine Motor, Industrial Sewing Machine, Sewing Machine Parts, Energy Saving Sewing Machine Motor '
This is just an online B2B website, and just a platform for Chinese suppliers to upload their pruducts. why judge the website itself a scam website? if you guys get scam by the website itself, pls show evident. or you just play games on review a good website. thank you!

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