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Whether you're dealing with a computer crash, a problem with your Internet connection, or jargon being tossed around by tech support, Kioskea is your gateway into the high-tech world.

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whippeddreamsThu Jan 15 1970
rife with malware and trojans
morphx99mqThu Jan 15 1970
my web security guard blocked the site as dangerous when I tried to go there.
Distributes viruses
SecuritymakerThu Jan 15 1970
Mcafee SiteAdvisor said that it had 1yellow download. It also contains rouge programs. Green means good. Yellow means dangerous. Red means very dangerous.
Fnnenn EnninnFri Jan 16 1970
Untrustworthy download mirrors. Adware, spyware and trojans galore. You're better off not even trying. I ran a test on some of the shareware Microsoft office tools and they were just trojans. Avoid, malicious content, ahoy!
There's too much complaining going on and not enough professionals in my opinion. There's better forums to look at.
johnthebombThu Jan 15 1970
has got a trojan download, says mp3 converter download but is in fact a toolbar hidden inside
VeryPrivateThu Jan 15 1970
The pop up puts you off before you've started.
martiniqueThu Jan 15 1970
Many rogue in section "Download -> Security" : Active Shield , infoarmor, wincleaner, registryrepair 2006, fix registry error , ect.

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