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whole_tostThu Jan 15 1970
Lots of porn on this site. somewhat funny, but takes it too far. It usually attacks DevianTART, Youtube, Livejournal, and Wikipedia users.
FastLizard4Thu Jan 15 1970
Much porn, and serves as an attack site against Wikipedia. Sometimes funny, but it's definitely taken too far, to the point of compromising peoples' privacy and releasing personal information about them. Attacks and compromises the privacy of users from DeviantART, YouTube, Wikipedia, and many other popular sites.
The golden rule of æ is: keep ALL your dox (personally identifiable data) to yourself. This includes stuff as trite as your Myspace, your Deviantart account or your throwaway e-mail. If you pick a fight with Anonymous, they will broadcast all your dox all over the Internets. Once you have complied with this rule, and once you have accepted the presence of the massive amounts of porn, you're now ready to enjoy the lulz of Encyclopædia Dramatica.
DoesNotComputeThu Jan 15 1970
Entertaining, has an excessive amount of pornography and foul language.
Agree with FastLizard4, this is a drama and a troll site. Although it is a bit entertaining, it is mainly used to attack and compromise the privacy of various users across the internet (Wikipedia, Myspace, Youtube etc). In the case of wikis, they usually coordinate mass vandalism in groups.
Racist, hurtful, obscene content, much porn...
UltimateSephirothThu Jan 15 1970
A fun site if viewed with a sense of humour, but contains very disturbing graphic material and therefore is not very suitable for minors.
Very hardcore and quite lulzy. There is a lot of porn, cruel articles about people, but does not host any viruses and have a no Dox policy to discourage posting real life information. Definite Red for Child Safety, but only dumb people would click some of the dubious links on the site itself. I don't recommend viewing the 'Offended' or 'Kittens' articles.
Great site
great website but is not child safe

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