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Learn how to apply feminism to your real life in order to work through issues, stand up for yourself, live your own truth, and take collective action.

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It has some very run of the mill feminist opinions, which would be perfectly fine if left alone, but it does veer off into the radical feminist territory of "you can't be sexist to men" and such thought which turns it into being a lot more controversial. It also links to many sites which hold much more controversial opinions than it does, so while it's fine to use you should be cautious and not believe everything you see, Also, being a feminist site it is very sex positive, while that doesn't bother me, parents might wish to be careful about what they let their children see on here. Again, be cautious.
MasteraterSun Jan 18 1970
Refers to "whiteness" as toxic. Hate speech is NOT acceptable. Video response from a popular youtuber:
Very hateful speech disguised as female empowerment. Lies such as "women can't be sexist", "minorities can't be racist". Many opinion pieces here are passed off as fact, and facts are pushed aside because some facts are offensive. Dangerous propaganda here. "Safe" for children, as long as they don't take information here as fact.
Feminist brainwashing garbage, stay away from bandwagon junk for sheep like this if you want to stay sane and you don't want to be a single, depressed, obese, jaded and unattractive crazy cat lady when you are 50. These bitches need to have it hammered into their heads that MEN ARE NOT BROKEN WOMEN and do not need "fixing" by feminism. The absolute WORST effect of feminism in society today is that they are not only teaching little impressionable girls that acting like a self absorbed, narcissistic and vain sociopathic whore is acceptable, but that it is also "empowering" to not follow your natural instincts and form bonding pairs with men. Not to mention all the millions of broken boys that are the result of these anti male laws and sentiments in society. Feminists are destroying the one thing that has kept civilization going for hundreds of thousands of years, the CORE FAMILY, and you wonder why so many boys are growing up with mental illnesses and becoming transexuals and gay because they just cannot interact in a healthy way with girls anymore due to all the fucked up brainwashing of girls that feminists have done in society over the last over half century. But what do you expect, most feminists are insane lesbian bitches that want to impose their misery and mental illness on the rest of healthy, normal society, no wonder we're all going fucking nuts and getting dumber decade by decade. Watch the harpies downvote my opinion to hell because it goes against their fucked up hivemind cult that is completely and utterly against men and masculinity yet claims to fight "for equality". Sane people are called Egalitarians, and they are for true equality, not putting men down to elevate women, like these insane cunts have been doing for the past 60 years and slowly ruining the West with their insane bullshit. Only thing worse than a feminist woman is a feminist man, if you are a male feminist, cut your dick off and turn your man card in because you are a traitorous, groveling, prideless disgrace to my gender. In case you didn't notice, men have created and maintain our civilization, not these bitches, these bitches have it so easy these days that they are talking about bullshit like "sexist air conditioning" and "manspreading". Off yourselves, you don't know the first thing about true suffering and oppression and "glass ceilings". Cunts, to the last, I grapple with thee, from Hell's heart, I stab at thee, for hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee, because you are all evil and hopelessly misguided and I will not stand for it, neither should ANY sane human being.
I think this website brings up some really good points that we should all consider if we want to be better, more progressive, and more inclusive human beings. With that being said, this website does tend to lean on the radical side, and therefore the ideas presented may be too in-depth and strong for some people to be comfortable with. Nonetheless, they need to be considered if we are to better ourselves. I would be cautious about this website when it comes to children. Though I think it is safe, this is definitely not a site you should let children read without putting its content into a context that your children will understand.
abhilashkrishnSun Jan 18 1970
It's another feminist website to spread hate among genders.
This is a fantastic resource for compassionate and curious readers who are interested in educating themselves about marginalized groups. Topics range from religion, sexuality, mental and physical disabilities, race and of women's issues. This is my personal FAVORITE site for educating myself about other groups. The website offers a lot of solutions and practical compassionate advice for all people. Some of the articles can be preachy but the advice stands up. I've never seen anything age inappropriate on the site and there is no graphic content but some of the articles do address sexuality in an educational way. The articles are often written by members of the group the article is addressing so it's a cool resource for people who actually care or are trying to have an understanding of these groups. I've read all the comments so far and most are from people who have negative views of feminism or a misunderstanding of what feminism literally is. This is a 3rd wave feminist based site, if that's not your cup of tea don't visit.
vanessah268Sun Jan 18 1970
Problematic but very entertaining. Great for a laugh, these people should consider becoming comedians. jk its terrible, these so called feminists or SJW just like to bully and make up things. But seriously read their articles for a good laugh
Stereotypical feminist website trying to blame all problem to "patriarchy" and "masculinity". Still wonder why feminism is not considered hate speech.

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