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aerosmithgnr6Sat Jan 17 1970
I have used this site on my Android phone. Harmful pop-ups and website redirections occurred. A fake antivirus tried to hijack the system and Lookout Mobile Security (Premium Edition, too!) didn't do squat about it either. Please do not use this site if you are wanting torrents. There are totally better sites to use than this one.
Harmful Popup Ads !! Site contain with full of Pirated Contenets !! - BEWARE !!! Use at your Own Risk !!!!
A site for mainly Torrenting. A good site for it's audience/members BUT there is also adult content - this makes it difficult to rate with the definitions supplied by WOT. Otherwise I may have rated it higher. :)
It is difficult to determine which link is the "real link" that leads to the desired download. Why seed your site with spammy, confusing misdirection if you want to be seen as legit?
Napoleon34Sun Jan 18 1970
Very clean site with the best and virus free torrents.
Malwarebytes Pro flags this site as a malware site and blocks it.
jb0nd38372Sat Jan 17 1970
This is a site for downloading torrents. Having said that, you can find things of questionable legality.
DeathHunteRSat Jan 17 1970
Excellent website for torrent downloads~
Excellent site for torrent downloads.
nelly.suudSat Jan 17 1970
turrent downloud to much popaps and ads some files are spamed

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