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Official website of ezvid, free video capture and editing software used by over 2 million people.

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Why does the thumbnail look like a porn site!?!??!?! prob best to not visit it
TheSmartGuyFri Jan 16 1970
Spammer. All that I need to say.
Cabarrubias ProductionsFri Jan 16 1970
EZVid is a free YouTube movie maker for Windows! It's USEFULL!!!
If you want <a href="">OpenCandy</a> on your computer, install this one ;)
cowgomooo12Fri Jan 16 1970
This contents a virus, View Virus Scan:
jomarcenterFri Jan 16 1970
Those comment below is old before the ownership of the site change, now it's providing a best free video editing and screen-recording software. Unlike before it was a porn site, But now it just providing video-editing software
ezeperez26Fri Jan 16 1970
Es un sitio que ofrece un software de edición de video como alternativa al Movie Maker. No he encontrado nada sospechoso.
dontogueliFri Jan 16 1970
ad-adware have block installation. Telling me is bad processus
wtfsamcrapSat Jan 17 1970
This is a virus resons Malware: Lags and wipeing is good after downloading Illegal: Copyrights mess up on youtube Unwanted: The Installer
weegeethegabumonSat Jan 17 1970
This thing installed adware.win32/infoatoms on my system! Avoid!

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