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Some applications seem to generate spam to the email you provide.
Good for social networking, although it's not only site geared to social networking. If you set the privacy settings appropriately and you use facebook wisely you shouldn't run into security issues. Parents be advised that some groups on facebook are probably not appropriate for your children. It can be time consuming as well, but overall it is a good site!
external applications that you can add to your profile take information from you without giving full details of what is being taken. your details are then sold on
Allows users to post inappropriate pictures. Pictures are not fully reviewed.
The pictures and all kind of information are stored on the servers of facebook even you delete them which can be annoying
privacy issues within some applications of facebook. also, not so good for children.
multiple privacy issues
Facebook and Myspace, As well as other sites of the sort are a "heaven" to Identity Thieves and con-artists alike. Information about hundreds of thousands of people is made easily accessible at the click of a button.
bnygaard690Thu Jan 15 1970
Annoying ads, sometimes offensive. Just because I'm a young male doesn't mean I want to 'hook up' with 'singles in my area'.
DGFontaineThu Jan 15 1970
Facebook is a fun way to stay in contact with friends and family. Great way to make new friends

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