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MyPhoneExplorer-Installation adds AVG Software and changes home-Link of the browser without asking the user
Attempted to install various browser helpers and an add-on to waterfox, put a shortcut to a register cleaner on my desktop. Spybot caught it all, luckily. Avoid. Shame really, the software is superb.
Please do not download any software from this site. Scored 7 malicious downloads on McAfee SiteAdvisor
Good replacement for the offical Sony-Ericsson mobild software
Excellent mobile sync and backup software (Sony's and Nokia's is sub-sub-contracted BLOATware and disgustingly worthless). This is FREE and what software should be. Hats off to FJ.
che_guevaraFri Jan 16 1970
Very nice site, very nice software:)
Deltatoolbar and other crap will be installated
BartspritzeThu Jan 15 1970
Best software to sync. your mobile! (Nokia, SE, ...)
Even GilleboFri Jan 16 1970
My antivirus program picked up "Trojan.ADH.2" with the myphoneexplorer_v2_5185.exe file
MyPhoneExplorer is now bundled with malware/spyware similar to Opencandy ( ). Avoid. MPE used to be *the* go-to tool, now it's just useless junk and the author tries to milk the last cent out of it with this malware-ridden installer crap..

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