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This is a bona fide Bowling forum. I've been visiting for several months. The site is well monitored for content and is basically a no nonsense forum populated by earnest folks. This is a very good forum for learning about many facets of the sport. The major anchor-man or attraction is the affiliation of industry stalwart and innovator Mo Pinel. At this point, this is the best web based forum for learning and exchange I've encountered.
People without a lot of knowledge need not apply. This site either ignores or makes fun of those who do not share their wisdom. It is a shame that as smart as the administrators are that they would make a mistake like this, which limits them to the veteran bowlers and beginners, well study up, then maybe come back.
EricHartwellFri Jan 16 1970
I have been a member of bowlingchat since April 2011. It is the most informative bowling forum I have found. I've learned more in the past 2+ years there than I have learned in over 20+ years of bowling. Included in the forum is a Wiki section with the most up to date bowling information available. Also included is a coaching section that is simply amazing.

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