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Abortion Clinics in Southern California - Family Planning Associates Medical Group (FPA) California abortion clinics offering first trimester and second trimester abortions. Pap Smear, birth control and STD Testing at California GYN doctor's office.

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NewestOldestPopular Dr. Waddill went to trial. However, despite the fact that the autopsy proved that the baby had been strangled and a number of witnesses watched the strangulation, charges against Waddill were dismissed after two mistrials. He was never punished for strangling the baby. He was not reprimanded in any way. He did not lose his medical license. In fact, he continued to perform abortions and as of the year 2000, he was working for the Family Planning Associates’ chain of abortion clinics. He and the clinic he worked at were even endorsed by the National Abortion Federation, an organization that supposedly only gives endorsements to the best facilities and providers.

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