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This site is far from being a scheme. Those that claim this site as a scam or pyramid do not have all the facts. The site offers a useful 10$ a month hosting service and potential if you desire to promote the service to make extra income. If you "PROMOTED" Transformers the movie to a friend and told them to go see it were you pid by the Theater when they bought the tickets? I use the site to host my businesses and recommend to others the savings and the change to use a new ".WS" name that is unique instead of an antiquated ".COM" that sells for 300$ a year.
A part of an on-line scam with pyramidal spam
Found to be a trustworthy site
This is not a online scam pyramid scheme. This is a referral systems to help people get an inexpensive web site.
found on
Its not as some may say about this is not a scam plus it might look as a pyramid but its not link to any type of pyramid. This is a hosting business plus you can build your own website here it part of the hosting your domain which is the program that comes when you join so how could this be a pyramid scam.
Do you know what a spam means? or a pyramidal scheme ? Why do you think this is a fraud , scam , phishing ? All the things regardles to this site is totaly legal. Do not make a fool out of WOT whit this absurd ratings !
This is a MLM business somewhat like others with the exception there is a lower cost than any other that I have come by. It is slow on income based on how you work it world wide. I think that everyone should join even if it is to get your own website for $10 a month which is less that you will find anywhere else on the internet. I'd be proud to sponsor any of you. TNX
fadiljaperFri Jan 16 1970
Not a "Pyramid". You're buying a web domain. You also receive a small commission on any domain that is purchased as a result of your direct effort. "
RaphaelDeGuzmanFri Jan 16 1970
A Fortune 500 company, started from 1999, and have been paying distributors six figures since. That makes it a trusted company. This is gonna hurt for those select individuals, but frankly, IF YOU FAILED AT THIS GDI BUSINESS AND YOU ARE NOW SPREADING YOUR SCAM BS, it's not the company's fault that you didn't persevere long enough to achieve success. Here's what you should do instead: For once in your life, persevere in this thing until it works. Stop blaming the government, greedy companies or everyone else. Whether you fail or succeed at something, it's your fault that you did so. Take charge of your own future, blaming will only take your power off of you.

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