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I bought several software pieces with discount and the coupon codes works, the price offered is cheapest, the order process is safety. So this is my prefered store
ichlaffterlaluFri Jan 16 1970
Good site
Good Site, Easy too search and find a Coupon Codes
Site appears to be safe (Only mywot detection)
Good site, well designed and doesn't contain any form of virus or privacy violation.
Piggelty pippFri Jan 16 1970
Good site, clean *ShareSafe scanned this link and did not find unsafe content*
forum spammer The owner of this site has commented asking why I called his "well positioned directory" a forum spammer. Here is my reply: You wanted to know why I called your site a forum spammer? Could it be that your "well positioned" site is only well positioned because of the inbound links coming from software related forums that offer dofollow links in posts, in which you spammed an advertisement, linking back to your own site? I know you guys did this because I deleted your spam posts off of, myself. Here's the thing... spam doesn't stand a chance on that forum and has an average lifespan of about 15 seconds. That's how long it takes for my desktop notifier to grab a copy of every new post made. If it slips past me for any reason, there are other moderators running the same custom software that will see it. And if it slips past them, in about 60 seconds a link to the post gets broadcasted to our IRC channel where many eyes are reading and checking posts. And I get an email about posts made by a new forum member, which is scrutinized by many other moderators. If any of us consider a post to be spam, it is removed. And if any of us later decide it wasn't really spam, then it is reinstated. Yours must have been very blatant, obvious spam, for there not to even have been a discussion about it amongst the moderators.
I'm a customer of FreeSharewareDepot and never was spammed. Each transaction was exactly as the site promise and the editor reviews are excellent. Very recommendable as software provider.
Wow, This is a good site for us, people who need software coupon codes. It save me a lot of money.
MichaelMeyerFri Jan 16 1970
Site is safe and clean, why its voted with 48% Child Safety ??

Safety Rating Breakdown

SpamMisleading or unethical


42 / 100

Child Safety

59 / 100