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high speed my ass - it's 2 mips for $50 a month - what a rip off....
phone and internet provider
Frontier is the only choice in our area for telecommunication service, they have a literal monopoly. Internet service is sporadic on a good weather day and non existent on a bad weather day. I have complained many times with no resolution. As soon as there is even one other choice for telecommunication service I plan on leaving the frontier forever!
A comment from a former Frontier Employee: "I worked in customer service and we were encouraged to sell customer's speed upgrades packages they werent capable of actually receiving and then locking them into a contract that basically forces them to pay more for the same service they had. There are large areas where even if you are paying for 6 Mb you will get less than 1Mb and no one at Frontier cares."
The site can be trusted and also safe
NotBuyingItFri Jan 16 1970
This USA telephone service may provide material support for phone phishing. (search keys: 3604743915, 3604743921, 3604743925, 3604743948, 3604743956, 3604743983)
Never had any problems with them. They're not that good, but they're a hell of a lot better than most other places.
DELTA_SNIPERFri Jan 16 1970
I've had Frontier's service now for several months (I pay $50.00 a month) & have had no issues with their service or speed's. I live in a very small town (less than 100 people) & Frontier is the only option available (besides satellite.. NEVER!!) here & I couldn't be happier. Here is my results these speeds never change.. I'm always getting around 6.5Mbs down & 1Mbs up. HD 1080P video streaming is always smooth & rarely has to buffer. Later, Phil B.
I'm locked into Frontier due to no other carrier services this area. They are changing some of their "free" items to now either not be available or will be available for a fee... other than that good co/site
beefjerkysFri Jan 16 1970
There is only 1 option for internet and it is super slow. Probably only for web browsing and that is it. When try gaming and streaming movies, good luck! There are no other packages like AT&T or Comcast.

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