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Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy's autism organization, is dedicated to recovery for children with autism spectrum disorders by providing guidance and support for medical treatment to directly improve the child’s quality of life for all families in need.

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Site content ignores and even denigrates scientific knowledge on autism, instead promoting conspiracy theories and anti-vaccine beliefs.
Pseudoscience nonsense by conspiracy thinkers.
MargaretToigoThu Jan 15 1970
Generation Rescue is an anti-vaccination activist group that pretends at autism advocacy by promoting quack "cures" for autism.
This site aims to hurt, and possibly kill, children all over the world. Please do not follow the advice of these un-educated, evil scare-mongers!
Promotes violence against children by discouraging parents from vaccinating their children against devastating and preventable diseases. Encourages dangerous and unproven autism remedies including chelation which poses risks of causing neurological damage in children. This is in addition to their anti-vaccination quackery which may be linked to increases in cases of measles and other preventable diseases in children.
DragonAtmaFri Jan 16 1970
It's been well-established that autism has NOTHING to do with vaccines, yet they insist on pushing that false view anyway.
A great research tool enabling parents to make an informed decision about whether to vaccinate their child. Very informative site.
Spreads nothing but lies and misinformation about autism and autistic people.
Scary scary site. Since when do models and actresses give medical advice? When did Jenny get her med degree?
blueraydude1Thu Jan 15 1970
Mercury is the thing killing children, by reversing autisim (mercury poisoning) you are saving lives, and this generation. Everyone else that thinks that it's something else, is simply sick in the head.

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