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Download Genieo for Mac! An innovative personal homepage, personalized newspaper and RSS reader, specifically created for you.

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VeritastarFri Jan 16 1970
Why this has such a good rating beats me. Their stuff hijacks your browser and re-directs you. it is hard to get rid of anything made by them that is on your computer. i have seen many people have trouble with genieo. Don't trust this site at all.
mllucas@frontier.comFri Jan 16 1970
I don't have any absolute proof that Genio was to blame for Java crashes, but messages traced back to Genio started popping up even after I resolved graphics crashes. I am leery of any program that tracks so much of my activity that it provides a homepage based on my interests. Besides the pop-ups always covered the scroll bar in whatever program I was using.
Contains malware. extremely hard to remove. don't even enter the website.
Tricky and unethical redistribution ways. I wanted to download some pdf file and got redirected to where instead if my pdf I've got installgenieo executable! This is even worse than usual toolbar, Genieo uses Java and eats a lot of ram! It also produces some errors like: "Error loading url.dll The specified module can't be found"
I am not weighing in on the reviews BUT Genieo please help me. My MAC is barely functioning. I have tried to "uninstall " from the applications. I enter my password, check the boxes and genieo is still here. Any help would be appreciated. Tx
AudiovibezThu Jan 15 1970
It might be a little bit of privacy invading but the perfect homepage you cant beat that!
AnotherFunGuyFri Jan 16 1970
This is a really cool app! You'll love the customization it does makes your browsing a one stop shop.
Browser Hijacker!!!!!!!!!! The app has no good services
Humphrey.BenfufaySat Jan 17 1970
Genio is an adware. It attempts to hijack your browser to redirect you to paid links. Besides being unethical, it has now been blacklisted with over 23 Antivirus companies. Stay away from it.....

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45 / 100