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This domain or a related subdomain was detected as a confirmed phishing site in June 2011. It was listed at Beware of links that look like a bank, but actually send you to a different site, for example is actually the site - nothing to do with Paypal is actually and nothing to do with Paypal is actually IDSTKOI.COM and nothing to do with Bank of America is actually and nothing to do with Bank of America
Attention!. The site is phishing.
Material on this page is outdated. Most of the links are dead or redirected to info gathering sites. Do not recommend accessing this site at all. The real GeoCities is long gone.
rassistische hetze. es wird zum beispiel ashkan dejagah als reinrassig bezeichnet und seine verweigerung ins "zionistische israel" zu reisen gelobt. der zentralrat der juden würde zukünftig entscheiden wer deutscher nationalspieler werden dürfte heißt es sinngemäß. desweiteren wird noch vom "zentralrat der neger" gesprochen und obama mit einem affen verglichen und so weiter und so fort. racist website. german/iran football player ashkan dejagah is called a pedigree and it is praised he refused to travel to israel. the central council of jews in germany will decide who becomes a german national football player. furthermore there is talk of "central council of negros" ans obama is compared to an monkey and so on.
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