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sebsauvageThu Jan 15 1970
Violates the licence of ffmpeg. See:
ne respecte pas la licence ffmpeg
Avast detects threat
MrFabienFifaFri Jan 16 1970
Dangerous website - from avast!
Malicious URL Detected:\Program%20Files%20%28x86%29\Mozilla%20Firefox\firefox.exe&p_obj=
kingjohnrocksFri Jan 16 1970
This website is connected to which sent a malicious process to me once I opened this website, Avast! blocked it. Stay away.
Warning: DO NOT buy this software! This site is a scam! I paid $59.95 for this software, and the license they give you doesn't work! After days of not being able to figure out why, I tried contacting customer support. They don't have a phone number or an address listed for support. They only had email options and 2/3 email inboxes do not exist! My mail wouldn't go through! I did some research on this site, and it's just a tracking warehouse located in China! Thank god I paid for this through Paypal, or else my credit card information would have been stolen! I got my money back within 12 days after my purchase! I will never buy from them again, and neither should you!

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