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Spammer blacklisted by Joe Wein
Spammer listed with Joewein re: DNS:
Advocatus DiaboliFri Jan 16 1970
Постоянная рассылка email спама! / Regular email spam sending! Покупая у подобных "контор" товары и услуги, вы оправдаете их грязные "методы рекламы". И, как результат, - завтра получите еще больше спама. / Buying from these "firms" products and services, you will justify their dirty "methods advertising". And as a result - tomorrow will get even more spam.
Advocatus DiaboliFri Jan 16 1970
Вредоносный - трояны / вирусы / эксплойты! / Malware - trojans / viruses / exploits! appears in Joe Wein Blacklist
This domain has been listed in Joewein's Spam Domain blacklist. Refer:

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