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GoDaddy tekee verkkotunnusten rekisteröimisestä nopeaa, helppoa ja edullista. Katso, miksi monet yrittäjät valitsevat GoDaddyn verkkotunnustensa rekisterinpitäjäksi.

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Alex TracerThu Jan 15 1970
Be ready to loose your web site on GoDaddy without a reason. For more information see
Positively horrid company. They'll bid against you for domains you want. They'll silently drop your domain at the slightest complaint. And they spam you, too.
There is a lot of information on the Internet about people that have complained about bad service or loss of domains. Not only but hundreds of others. One only needs to use google to realise that this is not a good company. their website is child friendly though.
A crap host and the lousiest customer serive that I have had to deal with since AOL. They sell your domains out from under you and allow your accounts to be hack and refuse to help correct them..
Worst customer service of any host that I have ever had to deal with (in 12+ years).
ladylibertyThu Jan 15 1970
One of the most fraudulent online businesses ever. Fraudulent pricing information, crooked shopping cart layout and info, the company routinely steals customers' domains (search "godaddy fraud", "godaddy horror", "godaddy scam" etc.) And they'll twist your arm badly when you choose to leave.
MultiplePlacesThu Jan 15 1970
Their user interface in your account is like driving down the Las Vegas strip, and their 'great' domain prices are just a smoke screen for hidden commitments and contracted pricing throughout your relationship with them. I am always completely shocked by the fact that this company is controlling fully 1/4 of all domains on the planet (together with their Wild West domains division, and their 'registrar-in-a-box' accounts they let clients set up). Plus, Bob Parsons is a wanker! gives some good descriptions. Or just type godaddy scam in google.
Un sito dove non esiste il supporto diretto via email, paghi tanto e ti danno poco, ogni caratteristica la paghi e non poco!
Envían una cantidad excesiva de correo no solicitado. Aparte, revisen todo lo que hay aquí sobre GoDaddy: Antes de hallar esa página, yo sabía que no son nada éticos. Pero me lo acabo de confirmar. La opinión generalizada en interneet sobre ellos no es buena.

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