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Download the best games on Windows & Mac. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies, customer love, and one fair price for all regions.

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Worked perfectly for me, and was easy to use. I especially like the lack of DRM.
modelrockettierThu Jan 15 1970
no DRM, can download it multiple times and install on all my PCs, downloads have worked fine and not been corrupted, fast downloads which are hosted by a subdomain of (WOT rated green)
GOG's ever-growing selection of games is DRM-free and fully compatible with Vista and XP, the download speeds are very fast, and the staff and friendly forum and IRC community are quick to help with any problems. Unlike Steam and the like you do not need to use any sort of client program in order to download or play games you have purchased. I have made several purchases from GOG and I will certainly buy from them again.
sebsauvageFri Jan 16 1970
Good games (both old and recent), very clean installers, no bullshit, no DRM. The game are very well packaged, even the DOS games (They come with pre-configured DosBox). They often come with bonuses: wallpapers, musics, making-of, avatars... You can *really* install offline, and as many time as you want. GOG won't screw you. They are the good guys of game publishing.
macros1980Thu Jan 15 1970
Klasyka gier bez DRM. Świetna strona chociaż wciąż w wersji beta. Polecam
Other than a poor download service and and a near useless password recovery system (although you can get it reset manually, which is far better), I've had a perfect time with this site. Everything is either six dollars or ten dollars, it has a large amount of games available, all with excellent support. And, best of all: No invasive DRM that does nothing but fuck up your computer.
Excellent. At last someone who cares about the Good Old Games.
A good place to get older (and some newer indie) PC video games. DRM Free makes this site even sweeter because back in the day when these games were released, there was no such thing as DRM. I have not had any issues with ads or male ware or anything of the kind from this site and I recommend any series old school gamer to check this site out and not to be afraid to make a purchase.
hackerzsuckThu Jan 15 1970
I use this site constantly. It is the best thing for gamers since STEAM and DIRECT 2 DRIVE.
Much better than steam...

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