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jonathanlee888Thu Jan 15 1970
Safe site, nothing bad at all unless searching, which can come up with either good, safe sites, or damaging, horrible sites.
VoodooSquirrelThu Jan 15 1970
Unfortunately, its a search engine so its safety is subjective, since it links to everything its great, but since it does link to everything its also dangerous.
Excellent !
Probably the most popular search engine in the entire universe.
DragonZeroThu Jan 15 1970
The best search engine ever.
Excellent search engine, i've been using for many years, never had a problem....
WotBotZorsThu Jan 15 1970
Feel the same as everyone else!
Easy to use, and when used properly can provide many useful websites for what you are looking for. To borrow another user's comments though, it links to everything, which means the good and the bad, so be careful.
Simply the best!! Very useful, handy never had an issue here. Great site!
easy and very safe...that's what i like

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