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Slowly becoming the epicenter of the Internet. Just about every Web applet and widget can be attached to or found from the Google main page.
Google is the best search engine for the web. It is very useful and a fast search engine.
Except for the rarest of cases, I always find exactly what I am looking for with Google. All of their services are excellent, I love using Google.
One of the best and fastest search engine in this world! FAST, SECURE AND RELIABLE!
Been using Google and its services for years now. Don't like anyone else's any more...
Google tracks your surf/search habbits, on all Google sites, and all sites who use Google Analytics. They use cookies that won't expire til 2035.
wolfwindshadowWed Jan 14 1970
Gmail converted me to webmail baised on 2 things, one of which is their reliable spam filter, which my internet provider at the time I 1st tried gmail tried to do and filtered most of my real email, and I could not get it back with my email software... they told me that they could not turn it off without turning it off for everybody... they lost my business the next morning... and 2nd the way they sort emails into conversations... how have I lived without this???
never completely trust any search engine. it can lead to dangerous sites as well as adult content easily accessed by kids. if you have a little kid make sure you have a way to block sites that are dangerous or you just wouldnt want your kids going to.
Google tracks everything you do and don't make it easy for the average person to get rid of the information they have collected without extensive digging.
Very efficient search engine, they try. I think.

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