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Work can happen anytime, anywhere. GoToMeeting with HD video conferencing is a simple yet powerful way to collaborate in real time.

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Domain listed on several blacklists, including Spacequad AntiSpam Services.
indiessanceThu Jan 15 1970
spamvertised - but Web URLs were not masked - I also get the impression that this is a legit company that just happens to spam us.
DealbergariaThu Jan 15 1970
Great experience, used it for year. Solid company behind it.
Great experience, been using it for a year now
Website of a premier web conference and training provider. Great customer assistance, excellent platform support. Owned by Citrix.
This site will sell/trade/giveaway your email address even though they swear they wont. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! I setup a special email address and only gave it to these guys. After 6 months, I am getting emails from over 100 others that send to the special email address. I present this evidence and allow you to make your own decision.
Deborah S.Thu Jan 15 1970
I have used gotomeeting on several occasions in the past year. The sound quality has been great (I've been talking from Europe to USA), and I've never had a problem with the sound and slides or demo syncing.
mr bobby396Thu Jan 15 1970
nenver trust
matursuksmaThu Jan 15 1970
Online Meeting Provider
often used, never disappointed

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