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The offer of "free" downloads for 7 days forces you to give them credit card details prior to downloads - not acceptable practice, and unethical
Under the auspices of a PC World ad this site is supposed to provide 7 days of free downloading. After setting up an ID and a password you are asked to provide a valid credit card or you can't move on. If they can't be straight forward in the beginning (truth in advertising) how can they be trusted down the road and with your credit information. Unethical, deceptive!!!!
False advertising. Site offers 7 days free trial but after entering your details including an email address the next screen requires credit card details. If the site is dishonest at the start what will they do with the credit card info??
Misleading free trial, most definitely not free.
FlamingFurySat Jan 17 1970
I got numerous emails inviting me to download 20 designs per day for 7 days---total 140---for free. But they required a card number. I received 138 designs, but my card was charged $99 for one year's download. I did NOT authorize this charge.
sandorbartaSat Jan 17 1970
This site bombards with offer of free downloads. Yet it asks for credit card information to do the downloads. It sends spam emails again and again. Why it's still green ?
At the bottom of this web site, there are FAKE security/privacy stickers. If you click the Privacy policy link at the bottom, it even takes you to the TRUSTe site which TELLS you that it's not a member of their program. The McAfee badge says "Downloading from Videoblocks is Safe"—that's not even the name of this website, and if you go to, you can see that this site is clearly trying to impersonate it. They look almost identical. All three badges at the bottom are not links to those providers' websites, which they would be if they were legitimate. I don't trust this site at all.
Free stock images -- Then the site says 7 day free trial -- I'd rather have crappy stock images from an ad supported site, and go to a reputable stock site for quality images. Instead I'd be supporting someone else to download for free. Or I'd be caught in a typical loophole where you can't opt out. I have another stock image site i go to, and after that bait and switch, I'll continue to support them.
I am the person who posted previously as FlamingFury (had to make a new account). In that comment, I stated I was charged $99 without permission. I called the number on the page and asked for that to be refunded. It took about 5-6 days, but my money was returned. Based on that, I will raise my opinion of the site. If they are offering free designs, I still don't see the reason why they need a payment card first---until one actually wants to buy. Altho I suppose one could download way in excess of the 140 free designs and they have no way to charge. Many of the designs are very attractive and will probably be useful as I work with them, but the site is poorly organized. E.g., look for Animal designs (only category is Mammals) and get Mother's Day silhouettes or designs with misspelled captions (e.g. "Holy Bibal" or "Good Loves You"). Many duplicates and some designs in multiple inappropriate categories. So while I appreciate their decency in returning my money, I still have a few issues with the site. I saw nothing inappropriate for children too view, but since they want payment method to download, I would urge caution in letting children navigate the site.
Spammy Emails with Misleading Advertising They will make you believe that you are getting stuff for free but when you try to sign up you will be asked for credit card information and should you forget conveniently to cancel before trial ends you will be charged, Sneaky Eh ? Not Trusted website - Stay Away

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