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Hazardous quackery. False claims about medicine. Lacking of data and knowledge.
Looks like someone is trying to blacklist this site. No problem with this site.
magictoastFri Jan 16 1970
This site site posts a large amount of misleading medical content, among other general content ranging from antivax through to conspiracy theories.
Just another ignorant and emotional anti-vaccine site that thinks anecdotal evidence from grieving parents trumps science again. Ignore the misinformation. Vaccine injuries are exceedingly rare, and minor compared to the morbidity and mortality from the vaccine preventable diseases.
SurferOfDeWebFri Jan 16 1970
The site is perfectly fine and informative, those that rate against it are obviously just serving the corporate interests.
CrossbusterSat Jan 17 1970
Cannot trust a site that promotes anti-vaccine propaganda and is likewise promoting homeopathy and other unproven alternative "medicine". It's especially dangerous to make unfounded claims about vaccines being harmful. Yes, the CDC and FDA have records of adverse affects from vaccines; that is because different people can be sensitive to different things and there is no such thing as an effective medicine that is 100% risk-free for everyone. Even aspirin can cause issues for some people! There are legitimate tolerability/safety issues associated with the influenza vaccine (and others) and the VAERS is important for identifying additional potential issues. When a real issue is uncovered (narcolepsy, intussusception, etc) the CDC, FDA, and other organizations work quickly to remove the vaccine from the market. The database is just being misused on this site to fulfill a preconceived agenda. Despite known risks with vaccines, the benefits still vastly outweigh the risks.
Dangerous anti-vaccine, anti-medicine site. Do not trust.
outbackyakSat Jan 17 1970
This site is a seething cesspool of every kind of anti-science, anti-medicine quackery. No claim is too bizarre for HIN to accept it unquestioningly. The site is rife with conspiracy theories, lies and misinformation. It is virulently anti-vaccination, repeating the same tired lies promulgated by anti-vax crazies around the web. I've rated it as "Hate, discrimination" because it repeats the most disgusting of all anti-vaccine lies: They say that Shaken Baby Syndrome is caused by vaccines! No, damn you, you filthy lying scum! SBS is caused by child abusers who beat, shake, and torture defenceless infants, and your obscene lies are giving an out to criminals who deserve to rot in jail for their crimes. The site is a danger to public health and safety - avoid this site if you value your health!
Tonnes of misleading misinformation about health and vaccines. If you believe the advice and opinions offered by this quack site could lead to criminal negligent death of your children, your grandparents, yourself, or the death of people in comparable categories among all the people with which you come into direct or indirect contact. Check out and and search for articles on the vaccine manufactured "controversy" before you swallow any of the BS offered here.
Site attempts to establish a false link between vaccines and autism in order to suppress vaccination rates.

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