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СибирякFri Jan 16 1970
враг Руси / enemy of Russia
СибирякFri Jan 16 1970
враг Руси / enemy of Russia
I would like to remind some commenters that WOT doesn't review political ideology, a person's character, or foreign relations *cough* I'm talking to you, Russians *cough*. WOT reviews a website's reputation and safety. This website is the official website of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, hosts no known malware, and has no explicit or graphic references or images. This is a good website.
I am glad we have our own version of the Iron Lady. Good site.
commando60Sat Jan 17 1970
Look the sit is safe, no viruses or anything and to add WOT isn't a place to complain about politics. This is just to see if the site is safe or not
Useful and helpful site.
thisissomebodyspecialFri Jan 16 1970
One of the most intelligent and articulate public servants in history. Amazing woman.
thisissomebodyspecialFri Jan 16 1970
There was lots of good information on the website during the campaign, not so much now but I'm sure they'll be more soon.
Враждебная к России особа. Очередной представитель военного лобби америки. Хиллари в качестве президента будет означать войну с Россией.
Многие американцы ненавидят клан Клинтон. Очередной представитель этой семейки ничего хорошего не принесет для Америки, будучи избранной президентом.

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