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This user: has spammed the WOT forum with links to this site. He will probably be banned soon. I'm leaving this comment as a FYI only-I haven't rated the actual site.
was good in the past but now it installs not only in Firefox but all over your computer without your consent. I guess now why it is not an officially supported add-on. Use at your own risks, especially regarding your privacy
A great add-on to access sites blocked in your country.
Freddie_UranusSat Jan 17 1970
Read this to know why I've given this rating to
see Why You Should Immediately Uninstall Hola. Hola is the first community powered (Peer-to-Peer) VPN Beware: Hola VPN turns your PC into an exit node and sells your traffic Hola users have no control over endpoints which is problematic for several reasons. First, it increases the bandwidth usage on the device and reveals your device's IP address to the target service or website which you may not always want. Closing Words If your computer is being used as an exit node, it is your IP address that webmasters, law enforcement or rights holders see when they check server logs. If it is used in attacks or malicious activity, it is you who will be contacted by the authorities or site owners. htxxtp:// htxxtp:// Pixel Tags: A pixel tag is a type of technology placed on a website in combination with cookie to enable tracking activity on websites. Web Beacon: A web beacon is technique used to track who is reading a web page or email, when, and from which computer. Log Data: Log Data is a data that is automatically recorded by our servers when you use the Services. With Whom Do We Share Information
Hola and Luminati software makes your computer a free proxy for other people. On one hand, this can unblock some sites which only work from certain countries. On another hand, hackers and unknown people all over the world will be using your internet connection. Choice is yours. Cheapest VPN costs less than $10/year. For $25, you can have paid VPN from multiple locations, customer support service and everything. Allowing strangers into your network? No, thanks.
chandorsimranSat Jan 17 1970
This used to be a good product but now Hola injects ads into your browser. There are other products out there that do the same thing but don't give me potentially malware-laden ads.
sdaoigfusndbgkbnsdgSat Jan 17 1970
Apart from what Hola software does, the website is trying to run scripts from - locahost. No serious site tries to do this. One that is based upon patronising their ignorant users about how 'secure' their product is, just might employ this kind of site design, on the other hand... YMMV. Proceed with caution.
pandawaterfoxSat Jan 17 1970
Hola now makes it clear that they rent the bandwidth and IP of their freemium users to third party, one of which is involved in a recent DDos attack on 8chan. Some away from it if you don't want troubles. More info:

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