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bp-browserSat Jan 17 1970
Website user behaviour tracking, see their website.
This is another analytic(I mark them with "online tracking") and it did a better than usual job of explaining what it does- until it got to it's privacy section. The policy only covers the use of the site- not the analytic. Strangely enough on their pages they don't even use their own service. They use Google Analytics. Huh? It appears that someone filled out a wrong form they downloaded somewhere to make the policy. It is a common mistake.
Pete.CahanSat Jan 17 1970
This site hosts tools and services to allow web site builders to track your mouse movements for Analytics purposes. The services they provide include heat maps of user activity and mouse tracks that show what links you click on and in what order. See for more information
Capricorn1Sat Jan 17 1970
The tools from do track a user's behavior at least while the user is moving around the site. I've looked at their Linkedin page and Facebook page and they seem to only be interested in providing tools for website owner to use to analyze how visitors are using their site. The goal would be to arrange the site to make it vital enough to visitors to convert them into paying customers, but that isn't particularly evil. They don't track you for the purposes of collecting personal info, selling info or placing ads.
Son.NguyenSat Jan 17 1970
this is the best mouse tracking software I've ever used.
Very useful heatmap and visitor session playback tool.
Thebenmix11Sun Jan 18 1970
Es una utilidad para dueños de sitios web, provee estadísticas de visitas, entre otros.

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