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10 years ago
The website is great. I would suggest you to visit it.

About this site

iHackers is a group for Anti-Engineering associatively designed for Brains who are extra-ordinarily talented in Anti-Engineering aspects like Hacking, Cracking, Remote Administration, Phishing and several other fields which can innovatively change the scenario of this modern Cybertronically and Technically oriented world or want to learn Hacking and other Security aspects for Ethical or Patriotic Values and reach the most respectful stage of extra-ordinary perfection. is a website specially designed keeping in view the imminent needs of an Hacker or an Network Security Specialist. It is equipped of all the tools generally required especially for learning and discussions. The Community (or Group) iHackers has been hopefully designed and run by a well moderated group of Professionals especially for Educative Purposes, for informing people the ways to be secure, the ways to fight and stand up against Cyber Crimes which are currently ruling the technical sector of modern cyber era. It would be in a great practice of the moderators and owners of iHackers to provide great quality material along with helping people by solving their problems that must be queried as comment on the concerned article or on Feedback/Forums section of the website ( The users must feel free to ask any sort of questions and it would be answered within a minimum period of wait-listing. It is usually easier and faster approach towards the solution of a problem when several people can comment, query and share their views on a specific topic being moderated or asked by any member. The most vital and unique components included in are mentioned in the Sub Pages of About Menu on the top Header of the website. is powered by WordPress which is an open-source script easily available on Internet. WordPress is a Blogging Platform, Hence, Basic structure of is Blog i.e. based on Posts and Articles. However, the look as well as the general on-view contents of has been tried to be modified into a CMS(Content Management System) to look as a complete website but the main features of a blog i.e. Comments, Trackbacks, Pingbacks, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), Category System etc.. have been continued (some added modularly) to provide best possible GUI(Graphical User Interface) based features hence making it extremely easy for an beginner who is new in the technical field. The advanced features like Translation, Dashboard, Submitting Articles , Suggestions, Feedbacks would be very useful for Regular and Pro users. Every member on iHackers must consider himself/herself as an Genuine part of this group and all the suggestions and feedbacks on the website are most welcomed and would be surely given full and deep consideration.

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