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junetim123Fri Jan 16 1970
Many are saying that you have to pay for this test. You don't. You take the quiz, put in your email address, and then they say "if you want to see your *complete* iq results with a bunch of graphs and stuff, then pay." However, you don't have to pay for the standard IQ score, they send that to you in email.
Complete con. They make you pay.
They make you pay to get your IQ.
after you take the test you have to pay to see the results
CubeDChanceFri Jan 16 1970
You are NOT required to pay to get your results. You get the results sent you your email right away, for free, after entering the information.
You do NOT need to pay to see your IQ. You only need to pay if you want an entire Profile.
alienbrainThu Jan 15 1970
They don't tell you anything about payment, but rather give you an image of freeness (in price) until you have wasted your time then at the last moment asks you to pay to get the results.
i have done the test, payed for it, but the results did not came to me by post as they said they would, i e-mail them for complain but i got no responce,
TezcatlipocaThu Jan 15 1970
This is not a scam. You do not have to pay. Check your email after the test is done. Your score will be there. Nothing to buy unless you want the full detailed report. Not only that, they won't sell your email to spam lists or anything.
You can see your IQ free though. Check your email.

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