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What a scam. They claim to be a retail site, but once you make a purchase they sign you up to a subscription for $40.00 a month without your consent. Dirty bait and switch.
True...scam all the way. They claim to be a retail site, but once you make a purchase they sign you up to a subscription for $40.00 a month without your consent. Dirty bait and switch.
This company has attracted criticism for terms of service that do not make it sufficiently clear that there is a monthly default service charge if you don't opt out every month, or cancel. Read the exposure at Read about the class action lawsuit against at
Class action lawsuit has been filled against them:
Katwoman0108Sat Jan 17 1970
After making initial purchase you are automatically elevated to VIP status and are required to make monthly payments which is not CLEARLY made known before the initial purchase. Young children could easily be misled as well as adults.This was my experience and it took many phone disputes to be removed from their customer base. A purchase of two pairs of boots would have cost me their price over and over each month even without any additional purchases just for receiving their monthly emails in which they claim a "stylists: selects shoe styles for me to choose from. Being capable of selecting my own choice of shoe styles I found this totally uneeded and unwanted especially at a monthly fee of almost $40.00! Beware!!
Thus far I have not had any problem with They tell you when you buy your first pair of shoes that you now have a subscription and will be charged monthly. If you don't select a pair of shoes on the month that you are charged, then you get a credit for a pair. It says all of this when you sign up for the website/club.You also have the option to skip every/any month you want, with never any obligation to buy a pair of shoes that month. I love it! READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE! Don't blindly sign up at ANY website!
You'd think after so many complaints, they'd change their confusing Terms of Service.
Several stores have popped up about how you can be easily tricked into subscribing into a monthly service charge, just from making a purchase. To say this is unethical is an understatement.
Wicked Knight Of DragonsSat Jan 17 1970
On the front page the website states that if you don't make a purchase or log in from the 1st to the 5th of every month to "Skip the Month" then you will be charged $39.95 for a member credit until canceled. Should this happen to you, call 1-866-337-0906 to cancel the action.While they do state this true statement, it's still pretty shady to force its members to log onto the site every month just to cancel an enforced 40 dollar fee. They deliver on their promise but still, it'd be best if you buy your stuff and delete the account afterwards to prevent the charge from happening (should you not wish to buy shoes from the site for a long period.)
I think it is Just Fabulous.

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