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It's a forum and one of the best pirate party communities ever. A supportive multitude of people who add value to each other's lives, and who are a joy to talk with. If you don't like pirates or pirate and sharing related things, then this is the wrong place.
good community, good ambience, good content
gratefuldawgSun Jan 18 1970
No torrents or links to torrents as some users have claimed; just a bunch of great people keeping the spirit of KAT alive and making a strong stand for freedom of speech and a free and open internet. Its safe, very active mods, staff and super users constantly monitoring to make sure no offensive or dangerous material is posted.
Αντώνης.ΧριστοδουλάκηςSun Jan 18 1970
The only authentic continuation of KickAss Torrents. Community standards on par with the original site. Adult language and imagery have not been given clear boundaries as of this time, but you're highly unlikely to come across any Edit: Options to avoid adult content have been included
PatrickMillerSun Jan 18 1970
This site was created from the current and trustworthy kat team as also mentioned by TorrentFreak. The content and community is safe and friendly. Beware of other sites who immetate this site since this is the true and only site of origonal kat. Examination of other sites who mimic and copy the layout, threads and catagories which is worldwidetorrents run by ex staff members kicked off the original kat.
Safe and clean run by the original kat staff who can be trusted unlike others trying to imitate them and the site.
Illegal torrent website ran by kat.
So I personally have nothing against KAT, I enjoyed it while it lasted and spent 2+ good years there (on the actual KAT). Firstly, I put it as a rating of `Is Suspicious` due to me not trusting the admins of the site, but that's mainly just a personal opinion. I put it as `Be Cautious` for the suitability for children which is 100% because of the ads that they use, yes it's ok if you have an ad blocker, but 60% of my time is spent on my phone where the ads will popup all over. I've marked this as a scam site because of the way that money disappeared after donating. They said it'd be spent on a dev team, but in fact they are coding the backend themselves. The company that it was paid to Gorgeous Glass mysteriously disappeared after donations went through. I also marked it as containing ads because it does, and pretty bad ads too. They are not child friendly at all (most lead to pornographic based games or sexual dating sites) and also usually have a location.replace which means that you cannot get back to the previous page. The final thing I marked the site for is Privacy Risks, this is primarily due to their massive amounts of logging and also the vulnerabilities in the site.
Site-raterSun Jan 18 1970
Website run by former admins of illegal website KAT, BEWARE! Now a resurrected warez site. Before spam-downvoting me, please note the site contains all sorts of malicious advertising. Contains pornographic content (including suggestive content in the advertising as of 3/12/2017) and thus is NOT safe for children!
HarryTruman99Sun Jan 18 1970
Good site, so far its like the old site.

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