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VendorNameThu Jan 15 1970
SPAM service!
Offers bulletproof hosting for Russian-Ukrainian criminals (malware distributors etc.). IPs ranges used -ex. are mantained by another illegal/crime friendly ISP - Other references:
If visiting this site please take precautions to ensure your safety as it has been identified as a site that has exposed visitors to spam, malware or viruses' in the past.
Если что, тут обсуждают сам хостинг, а не всех его клиентов. Поэтому, тут все хорошо. А с учетом последних возбуждений в госдуме - очень хорошо. PS естественно, это не сайт для детей.
secretslineSat Jan 17 1970
good dedicated servers offers. no spam or other bad stuff on site.
Uses on most if not all of its customers RDNS so you can't track back who is trying to hack your servers.
Dean.SavoySat Jan 17 1970
I switched from IX Webhosting to King-Servers, unfortunately IX doesn't want to refund me with my payment despite that their service sucks! I started moving my websites to King-Servers and everything runs smoothly. King-Servers deserve a better rating here --all those bad reviews in previous years I believe should be removed to be fair with KS which is doing good now. Well, if I don't get better service or refund from IX in a month or two, I will be out to give a fair review to them!
BenjaminNYSat Jan 17 1970
I shifted servers because my website had loading problems with my previous provider. Tech support has been great with this hosting company and they got me up and running as soon as possible. That alone merits a review! At King-Servers, my site is up to speed which is good for my business. I don't mind the annual commitment with their server packages as its very flexible to my increasing storage needs.
sanjivinindiaSat Jan 17 1970
When it comes to handling server requirements for my websites I have always relied on king-server, not only do they offer excellent service at reasonable rates, they even make it a point to be available for customer 24*7. Their virtual dedicated servers are one of the most reliable in industry and they can handle almost any amount of traffic. I have been using their services for the past 5 months and till date I have never faced any technical glitches. The reason behind their phenomenal success is their excellent team who makes sure that all your requirements are met in timely manner. I am a dedicated customer of king-servers and will remain one forever!
SydneyCoyleSat Jan 17 1970
The guys of King-Servers are helpful enough in fixing my sites hosted to them. Though they did not beg for my review here BUT upon knowing they got these bad reviews last year I feel obligated to help the guys recover their tainted reputation. Just my way to thank them for doing more than I expected from a hosting service. Besides, I can't understand why those people who hated this service are hiding behind pseudonyms. If you guys hate a product or service, better use your real name and connect your other accounts on your profile to make your reviews more believable.

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