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Unfortunately, KissAnime no longer allows you to watch anime unless you turn off AdBlock. If you turn off AdBlock, some ads being hosted by sites with horrible WOT reputations appear and if you accidentally click on them, some nasty troubles may be awaiting. On the other hand, this site does have a huge library of free, popular, and HD anime. If you're willing to take the risk, then no one's stopping you.
Well constructed, reliable videos, but some links lead to questionable/dubious websites.
AwesomeSauce000Fri Jan 16 1970
This is site is my favorite place to watch anime. It streams in good quality and has all of the anime I want.
It used to be a good site but now the amount of ads on it is tremendous including pop-up adds and ad-block blocker on videos. Admin clearly cares only about milking his viewers to the very end. I highly not recommend this site, there are tons of better ones with anime streaming. The only lure on this one is the high quality of streaming but even though it has movies in "HD", it's fake HD for most movies( videos are only upscaled which results in blurry screen).
I love this website. This is definitely the best place for me to watch anime. It offers much higher quality anime than other non-profit websites. However, many will complain about the advertisements everywhere. While those ads may annoy me, I also know that those ads are what fund the website and keeps it free. I turn off my ad-blocker specifically for this website because I want the website to say free and keep up its good work. Also, you can manually hide the advertisements with the small "Hide" buttons, if the ads are bothering you. I think this still helps the website generate the funding needed for upkeep, AND you don't have to deal with ads.
A high quality anime streaming website that hosts a large selections of shows. The quality of the streams (720p-1080p) has to be the most captivating reason for this website. However, the site has recently taken an initiative to force users to disable adblock, its likely the creators intend to profit off their website, may become a nuisance, and remember that this isn't Crunchyroll.
ProtostaticSat Jan 17 1970
good source of anime in High definition.
Kissanime is an awesome source for anime streaming. I easily found any anime I searched for. Although this site plenty of adds (which is understandable considering the creators want to make money while still keeping the site free) none of them are pop-ups and they all have a "Hide" button under them, however, Kissanime does not allow you to watch anime if you have an add blocker enabled. Once you disable your add blocker for Kissanime, you can continue watching anime to your hearts contempt. To my knowledge, this site does not contain any viruses and will not harm your computer. Overall great site that has not done anything to violate my trust.
Some of anime show part of body that I don't want my son to watch
MagentaDreamsSat Jan 17 1970
I think this is the only anime streaming site that doesn't blow up ads in my face while i'm watching. The site doesn't host malicious ads, unlike other anime streaming websites that i've seen. Great website, I highly recommend it!

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