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This is an extremely toxic site full of cyberstalkers and cyberbullies, who have nothing better to do with their lives. People have committed suicide because of the horrific level of bullying from this site.
trombonistaSun Jan 18 1970
Kiwi Farms is a gossip forum for discussing Internet eccentrics and dramamongers, who are referred to as lolcows. Whether the people discussed deserve to be scrutinized is debatable, but nothing on the site is illegal.
CatsAreCoolSun Jan 18 1970
The nature of the site makes visiting it a risk - there are frequent attempts at hacking and inserting viruses into the site by people who want to shut it down.
Disgusting website!
AndrewFitzpatrickMon Jan 19 1970
Great site run by a great person Null. I hope to one day marry a woman I meet on this site.

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