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Kaja TillmannFri Jan 16 1970
Every person should subscribe to this website on facebook or something, it is very eye opening and enlightening! Stop being an ignorant!!!
KristybatchFri Jan 16 1970
This is an amazing website that helped bring me out of my depression & back to the real me after people & this world made me sour. this type of opion & morale of love & truth over hate & lies needs to survive in order for people to be better than what we are now. This website is not only very knowledgeable about life and how we look at it, it also gets people to see the glass half full rather than half empty, to love over hate and to see truth where the world has told lies. We are living in a world full of selfishness, hate and deciet, its about time someone as brave as these people stepped up and told the world how it really is, afterall we cannot change what we don't truely understand!
VasodilatorFri Jan 16 1970
A true fountain of knowledge for any truth seeker interested in science, philosophy, metaphysics (interrelated things).
love this website, very helpful and enlightening, highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking truth and a better sense of living.
If you want the truth, check this site out daily. No Favor, the way the News is suppose to be.
Cidmonster7Fri Jan 16 1970
Trustworthiness: 66 Really?! Sounds like this site has upset the people at the top! Visit this site and have an awakening! If you are into knowing the truth, if you want hope that the things in the world could change, then you should visit this site!! I highly recommend navigating your way to the movie "Owned & Operated" and watching it! Very eye opening!
HarrisHawk15Fri Jan 16 1970
This site is very informative, inspirational and educational. Since finding the site I have found an old inspired me and become much more in control of my mind and life. If your mind is open you will love the site, if its not open but supposed to be opened it will open it and if you are intentionally closed minded you will not like it, simple as that. Knowledge of Today inspires good change, only those that cannot accept change would be against it, but for those that understand 'change' as essential, this is the most informative site I've found. we are united in consciousness and I am steadfast in my new found positivity, I hope you find the same outcome.
This webpage has helped much with deliverance of abundant useful information that are more than meets the eye compared to the very cliche and conventional knowledge of that is being widely spread today. It has helped me understand more deeply of what it truly means to be human, and to understand and acknowledge humankind as one. I think this page is one of the most honest and reliable source I've seen so far, because it contains alot of bold, reasonable and hidden 'truth' in it, which actually makes a ton of sense rather than finding yourself amidst bogus and utterly nonsensical posts. If you're up to understanding yourself from within and level up a notch in every aspect, I think a page such as this would be a really good choice for just that! :) Namaste, only the truth shall prevail! Love! <3
KnowledgeOfToday is my daily digest for science, philosophy, nutrition and every day life. The media and TV has numbed our brains and deprived us of our lives and autonomy long enough. Now we're the media. And KnowledgeOfToday is a great inspiration to many people. You up there, yeah, you! I see you! If you don't like critical thinking you should have killed us a long time ago. Now's our time. We're rising up to challenge your power and your wicked ways.
I trust this site more than the mainstream media when it comes to the truth. It's time to wake up and see what is really happening and how we have been programmed. This site is the best I have ran into and I recommend it to everyone.

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