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dragonblaz9Thu Jan 15 1970
Site can transmit viruses merely by clicking a link
hodgepodgeThu Jan 15 1970
A friend just got a virus via a link.
Providing information that is personal to this site you are risking the possibility of being spammed, infected by malware, or infected by viral programs that can cause negative things to happen to your system.
DanZ_in_TNFri Jan 16 1970
Scripts for 12 (!) tracking/advertising companies (per NoScript). Good privacy? Trustworthy? See
Once Was CoolThu Jan 15 1970 is not science based at all. It is full of Global Warming and other controversial statements there are mentioned as if they were proven facts. I have this one blacklisted due to bogus content.
matursuksmaThu Jan 15 1970
Nak Cenik Sing Dadi Mlali Dini. Ini Khusus Konsumsi Orang Gede
berbahaya untuk anak, mengandung pornografi.
100ProzentFruchtFri Jan 16 1970
mediocre popular-science site with disappointingly short articles that leave you feeling dumber than before your visit.
fasinating viewing- some photos might not be suitable for very small children , but most are just a pleasure to look at and learn from
Scientific RigorThu Jan 15 1970
Main source of Yahoo's science news. Yahoo tracks users; I don't think LiveScience does, so I always use it in preference to Yahoo.

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