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Gloria WalterSun Jan 18 1970
Macbeth Matchmaking changed my life! I think that to find love and the right relationships you have to be proactive in life and that's why I chose to join Macbeth Matchmaking. I submitted my profile and 1 month later I was contacted to let me know there was a potential match for me. The wait for me seemed like it was long, but worth it! Their clients are very well selected and with high profiles so you can't expect massive amounts of guys waiting to be matched! Erica my matchmaker was very professional and focused on getting to know me, my personality, my hobbies, my professional life and my likes and dislikes. After this they called me regarding their client, and that same week I had my first of many dates with him...and that was perfect! I thought fairy tales were only found in books and dreams, I can't imagine my life without my prince charming, and he is everything I always looked for and more! I would never have been able to meet him without Macbeth Matchmaking.
Amelia WhiteSun Jan 18 1970
I have nothing but positives to say about Macbeth Matchmaking. Erica is very professional, thorough, always truthful and honest which you need in a matchmaker. You can talk to her just about any topic and feel comfortable. She has always guided me in the right direction in terms of dating post-divorce with kids which is never easy in and of itself. If you are looking to meet that special someone you are in good hands. Give Macbeth Matchmaking a call and you will not be disappointed. I'm glad I did.
Brian ComstockSun Jan 18 1970
I honestly never thought something like this would really work, but to my surprise I had the best experience. I was referred to this company Macbeth Matchmaking by a friend that got married through them. The biggest difference between hiring this matchmaking company compared to meeting people using the online dating sites was the quality of the women I met. Erica and Tatiana were both very attentive to my needs and I just met my future wife because of this company. I highly recommend using them, I'm very glad I did.
nathancarter833Sun Jan 18 1970
An excellent matchmaking company that is sufficient in getting the job done to the highest level. I was thrilled when they matched me to my exact opposite and I realized that this is what I needed to have a successful relationship. I been with this person for 6 months and we are getting married. I didn't have a problem meeting people outside of the service, but was attracted to the wrong kind. This company brought me to reality and matched me to an everlasting partner. I would suggest this Macbeth Matchmaking.
They were always professional and know what they are doing. They are understated and don't try to be showy about themselves. They genuinely care about finding you potential partners. So after a long search, I have found a good match and a likely long-term partner. All credit goes to Macbeth Matchmaking because they stuck with it.
Christy WilsonSun Jan 18 1970
I had a consultation with Erica from Macbeth Matchmaking this week and had such a wonderful experience! It was like talking with an old, dear friend who really cares and "gets" you, and also has a wealth of knowledge and practical information about how a person can connect with the right long term partner. Erica was friendly, warm, funny, smart, intuitive and practical. She was generous with her time and energy, and gave me many ideas for broadening my dating possibilities AND accurately evaluating potential suitors through open, clear communication. Some of the advice will be easy to take, and some a little challenging, but all reasonable, thoughtful solutions based on my personality and my intentions for my love life and future. I have no doubt that her advice will produce better results than I've done on my own. Thanks Macbeth Matchmaking!

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