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MacPaw makes stunning Mac cleaning apps for your pleasure. We are known for CleanMyMac 2 - The Best Mac Cleaner, Gemini - The Duplicate File Finder and cleaner for Mac OS X, CleanMyDrive and other apps you'll love to use.

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retainer55Thu Jan 15 1970
was constantly spammed immediately after downloading software on a brand new email address. Same owner has several scam and phishing sites like as well. Advice is to stay away.
yousirnameSat Jan 17 1970
Known to damage computers by removing vital files.
H20studiosSat Jan 17 1970
This slows and damages your mac and leads it to death in a month
LordDragonSat Jan 17 1970
Mac support forums are loaded with complaints from people who have been duped by this software thinking it's a utility. Why would something legitimate have to keep changing it's internet address every month if there was any truth to their claims. DON"T get tricked into installing this malware and wrecking your computer.
victorh2007Fri Jan 16 1970
This is a legitimate site that sells apps for Mac computers. It is the owner of the famous CleanMyMac. It is clean and safe. You can trust, despite some bad comentaries. CleanMyMac, for instance, it is a great software.
Don't download the software it's a virus like genieo
I personally have used their CleanMyPC software, and it is very helpful. Check out PCMag's review if you'd like, it's what made my mind.
desertclownSat Jan 17 1970
Official Clean My Mac website. Been using CleanMyMac2 for years and have no dramas so far. The software really does its job. No pop ups, no spamming after installation. Now using CleanMyMac2 running on OS X Yosemite.
mmm2012mathSun Jan 18 1970
I think WOT somehow got money for green ratring of this scum shit, because even virus total complains about this "unilite". Just google and see that users from talk about this

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