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Get a free email address from AOL now! You no longer need to be an AOL member to take advantage of great AOL Mail features such as industry-leading spam and virus protection, anytime-access on your mobile device, flexibility to work with other email clients using IMAP and more.

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A good site 15 years ago.
I use it for all my mail needs, but I get a lot of spam
This is an excellent e-mail and IM site. You may get a small bit of spam, but that can be a result of distributing your e-mail address or having some kind of adware or spyware. It's much better than Hotmail, Yahoo, and just as good as GMail.
Roland57310Thu Jan 15 1970
bon site itself is a good site, but some of the e-mail messages you might receive from other people are not. Some of these messages may include links to sites rated red by WOT.
it's good but a hell of a lot of spam
They have taken actions to protect your privacy and security.
I think it's a good site;I haven't had any problems.
chetan1991Thu Jan 15 1970
michael FantazziFri Jan 16 1970
My AOL contact's list was hacked 2 times. I changed the password and that stopped it.

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