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sam_sam_21Thu Jan 15 1970
TONS of spam. I hate it. I'm a Gmailer now, and I'll never go back!!! :)
ltacolemanThu Jan 15 1970
I see a LOT of spam in my Inbox and the spam reporting is pretty useless. Still the best looking interface of Webmail, but Gmail is way better for filtering out the crap.
Spam protection is really low. And it spammed me too with a girls doing porn and the subject is psx-iso world! and I saw the sender is the yahoo itself! I'm keep trying to put that spamvertised on spam filter but it won't stop!
best webmail so far!
vndosukebeThu Jan 15 1970
the best webmail, but could be better
Need I say more than "Yahoo-Yahoo boys" ..? Although better than before, abuse is taking place and reporting each scam from a Yahoo email address is simply not a viable option.
Yahoo Email is a Joke. It's now full of Scams, Phishing and Spam that is "Fully Supported By". Had a account for 10 Years, till it was deleted for "NO REASON" after I reported Phishing Attempts and Spamming using Their Email Support Reporting Page. The downfall of email is that takes NO ACTION in deleting the reported Scam and Phishing Email Accounts and ONLY DELETE THE ACTIVE AND REAL USER EMAIL ACCOUNTS WHO REPORT THEM. Their NON-ACTION has resulted in; now "ALL" of the scam/phishing emails I usually receive using the other popular email service providers who does "DELETE" those easily "reported scam accounts", the Scammers have now migrated over to mail as they know will take NO ACTION On The Scammers and WILL Only Delete the Accounts That Reported The Scammers!!! So does Not Want Your Service, They ONLY WANT THE SCAMMERS... WHAT AN EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDER JOKE!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- But there is some Good News (maybe).... Yahoo email chief out - Silicon Valley Business Journal:
Useful and very popular email service. I don't prefer to use their service due to the number of flashy ads the interface has and the numerous of unfiltered spam messages I receive each day and some of them are from Yahoo! advertising their other services. However, this is a safe site.
If someone else uses your computer and signs in with a different name, yahoo will disconnect that name and automaticaly go to your mail. Anyone on your computer can get all of your yahoo mail. I don't know what has changed, but that is the way it has worked for the last few days, at least.
To many adds, cluttered, and most feature like forwarding that are free with other email providers cost money with yahoo.

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