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Mailinator is a free, disposable email service for everyone who wants to protect their identity in blogs, forum and social media.

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Wegwerf Email Dienst sehr nützlicher Service gegen SPAM; Trow away mail adress for spam or unwanted messages.
It's a disposable email. If you're unsure about a website, but need to sign up, using this will save you from getting spammed.
elastophileThu Jan 15 1970
very useful, prevents using personal email and therefore spam
A great, free tool. Disposable mailbox service to avoid the risk of getting your real email address getting spammed.
The Technical ExpertThu Jan 15 1970
Can avoid spam!!
Рекомендую- одноразовая электронная почта, очень удобно для регистраций без палева основного ящика.
Awesome site. Super fast. Incredibly useful for the right thing (but WoT won't take mailinator accounts - hello? Alternate domains work though :)
pokeman18229Thu Jan 15 1970
A good site to use with survey sites that spam your email. Use with rewards1 etc.
JonMcLovinThu Jan 15 1970
great site to use when you worry about submitting your email address online. I have Gmail and never see spam due to their amazing filters but I still use mailinator for the situations where I'm nervous about.
rusty shacklefordThu Jan 15 1970
Use any tool you can to avoid spam. This one works good.

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