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A site hosting manga scanlations. Some works are for adults only, but those are clearly marked.
delamatagabrielSun Jan 18 1970
This website is for reading a whole array of manga that can range from series aimed at children to series aimed at those who aren't faint of heart. You can find a whole bunch of manga for whatever your tastes are, whether you're into horror or shounen, you will likely find it here.
Alpha DovahSun Jan 18 1970
Mangadex acts as the spiritual successor to the old batoto, providing a wealth of various manga, manhua, and manhwa scanlations in cooperation with the teams that provide the scans, translations, and edits of such works. the site also includes a vast selection of marked adult content and links to other sites to track content or background check a work before you read it. contains limited to no ads and pop-ups.
One of the less scammy and ad-filled manga sites out there. Aimed and geared toward supporting the authors and the scanlators whenever possible.
DragonZeroMon Jan 19 1970
Reading Manga website. Login and turn on dark mode for best experience.

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