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Brady McleodFri Jan 16 1970
Forces various and random use of "downloader" and "converters" in order to get the manuals locally. Kids don't have the discretion to not download random malware along with their file.
americancarpenter4Sat Jan 17 1970
Wants you to install an executable .exe file before downloading any manuals. Symantec doesn't trust it, neither do I.
CherylJosieSat Jan 17 1970
"Your ip blocked due to suspicious activity." This for skimming the manual. WTF is up with that??
GnomageddonSat Jan 17 1970
I found this site through a DuckDuckGo search. I was provided the correct manual quickly, and without any issues. There were no pop ups, prompts to download anything, or requests to provide any information of my own. I do use an ad blocking plugin for my web browser, so you may have a much different experience if you visit this site without one.

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