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..sometimes. Memegenerator really was never good. Some of the more popular 'memes' (if you can call them that) can be funny sometimes, but most are just lame. That coupled with the site's upgrades make Memegenerator one website I just don't visit anymore.
Там легко делать мемы
Contains pornographic photos. Anybody rating pornographic content as safe for children is obviously trying to pull a fast one.
RicardooldenFri Jan 16 1970
Awesome site
che_guevaraFri Jan 16 1970
Шаблоны для легкого создания меметичных картинок. 30-day safety report for: Potentially Active Malware! During the last 7 days potentially active malware was detected on the main site of this domain.
rashad0007Fri Jan 16 1970
obviously many pornographic photos "not safe for children"
A month ago I would have said it was a great site how ever Brony's (dudes who watch my little pony) have uploaded photos that have my little pony characters in sexual acts like a fist being shove up her.... Also I saw a guy masturbating on the front page. Although the users have thumbed down theses photos with them have something like 60 dislikes they are on the front page under "trending" Until this gets solved this web site may contain porn. Sadly the web site owners cant trust its users anymore
It's a meme generator        !
Wow.!! Where do they get all that??

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